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From 2015 to 2018, Sara studied composition with Wolfgang von Schweinitz and Michael Pisaro at the California Institute of the Arts. Her work usually challenges the performers to play in extended just intonation at the same time as dealing with extended techniques that will sometimes interfere with the tuning task in unpredictable ways. Since 2015, Sara has been interested in combining musical performance with other performative means, with a special focus on the idea of self-choreographed matter: she creates assemblages with raw materials that undergo change during performance. Inadvertently, her work has connected the fragile characteristics of certain substances such as wax, with the delicacy of intonation itself, both which are easily malleable yet visibly and audibly resist stability.

Previously, she took composition lessons with Simon Speare as a second study course at the Purcell School of Music, where she was enrolled as a violin performance major; and studied fine art with Phil Barrett at the same school. 

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