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Marc Sabat and Sara Cubarsi have been collaborating on various projects since 2015. Sara has performed the entire work of Marc Sabat for solo violin, including recording the Les Duresses cycle, as well as the Sei Bach Intonazioni Ia, IIa, IIIa with violinist Xenia Gogu on bordun-part (the three solo violin Sonatas in extended just intonation and a 2nd voice for violin). In 2017 Cubarsi and Madeleine Falcone made a demo recording of some of the Intonazioni, and in 2022 Duo Skisma (Cubarsi and Gogu) made the complete recording which will be published on Another Timbre Records very soon (expected release by 2025). With this program, Duo Skisma toured in Germany and Hungary while preparing the repertoire for the recording.

Teaser of: Streams I by Marc Sabat

Recorded by Stephan Schmidt / Editing by Marc Sabat

Duo Skisma, Sara Cubarsi & Xenia Gogu, violins

At the studio of Ensemble Musikfabrik im Mediapark, 2022

Composed by: Johann Sebastian Bach

Intonation and 2nd voice composed by Marc Sabat


Performed by: Sara Cubarsi and Madeleine Falcone

Recording: Andreaskirche Berlin-Wannsee, April 2017

Streams I (Duo Skisma)Marc Sabat
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