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2022   Bach’s solo violin sonatas in syntonic just intonation: A historically inspired possibility.

Research article supported by IfM Köln. PDF

2018   Violin intonation and two new paradoxical whole-tones in meantone tempered practice: a case-study on Bach’s Grave in A minor .

Article in partial submission for the doctoral project. PDF

2017   Untempering Bach.

Final article in partial submission of the doctoral qualification exams.


2017   Tuning and Matter – reflections.

Essay in partial submission of the doctoral qualification exams.


2016   A propositional model for microtonal composition, research and performance.

DMA1 essay.

2014   Unfretting the violin: theory, composition and practice of microtonal string music.

Master’s dissertation, MMus. PDF

2013   Sacred Colour: an analysis of Olivier Messiaen’s musique colorée.

Bachelor’s dissertation, BMus. PDF


2017   Tuning & Tablature Notations of Bach's Grave in A minor (meantone, modified meantone, JI, modified JI - with the Helmholtz Ellis JI Notation). PDF

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