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1 performer:

2018   Exvot III (2017) re-arranged in 2018 for self-accompanied violinist, foot-pedal and bells (11’). 

Premiered in La Pedrera, Barcelona, on 17/09/2018 by Sara Cubarsi. Second Premiere in Madrid, Fundación Juan March on 25/11/2018 by Sara Cubarsi. VIDEO  AUDIO

2018   Exvot IV: organistrum for solo violinist on two differently tuned amplified violins, inverted bow, retuned foot-midi-keyboard, sheep bell, vocals, with interactive paintings made by Sara Cubarsi (53’). [needs a sound engineer off-stage] 

Premiered on 11/04/2018 by Sara Cubarsi Wild Beast Concert Hall. VIDEO

2015   Hummings for singing violinist and a D-drone (7'). 

Premiere: December 2015 by Sara Cubarsi, SF Centre for New Music (San Francisco)

2013   Microtonal Etudes for solo violin

2 performers:

2023/24   La langue des gargouilles for natural horn, electric keyboard and prepared piano (19’).

Premiered at the Lucerne Festival on 05/09/2023 by Ben Goldscheider and Richard Uttley, commissioned by the I&I Foundation. PDF  AUDIO

2016/2019   l’alumini no s’encén fàcilment II for baroque violin, pre-recorded track, whistle, electric keyboard and an aluminum sheet (18’).

Premiered on 17/02/2019 at La Pedrera, Barcelona by Lo Desconcert. AUDIO

2018   landscapes from mikrokosmos (microtonal arrangements from Bartók’s Mikrokosmos) for violin & viola (15’).

Premiered on 24/03/2018 by Duo falcone | cubarsi at the MicroFest festival, Boston Court (L.A., Passadena). PDF

2016   aluminium does not easily ignite, for violin, midi-keyboard and transducers on a large sheet of aluminium (17').

Premiere: October 17th 2016 by James Rushford and Sara Cubarsi, R.O.D. Hall (L.A.). AUDIO-1  AUDIO-2

2015   53 Colors for violin and double bass (7').

Premiere on November 29th 2015 by Ben Finley and Sara Cubarsi

2015   250 Colors for two violins in scordatura (ca. 10 mins).

Premiered on May 28th 2015 by Mayah Kadish and Sara Cubarsi (ensemble x.y), Brunel Museum (London).

3 performers:

2023   La langue des gargouilles (for 3) for natural horn, electric keyboard, prepared piano and large tam-tam (19’).

Premiered at the Lucerne Festival on 05/09/2023 by Ben Goldscheider and Richard Uttley, commissioned by the I&I Foundation. PDF  AUDIO

2022   Harmonic flow: GIAN PIETRO DEL BUONO for three violins in just intonation (7’26’’).

Recording for Another Timbre by violinists Xenia Gogu, Hannah Weirich, and Sara Cubarsi, to be released.  PDF

2021   Exvot (2017/2021) for retuned electric keyboard, baroque violin, violone and sheep bells (14’).

Premiered in Felix Urban Festival on 28/08/2021 by Lo Desconcert. PDF

2020   Diminutions on an adaption of Nicola Vicentino’s enharmonic madrigals for 2 violins and electric keyboard (6’).

Premiered at the Musikfabrik Studio on 02/03/20 by Hannah Weirich, Ulrich Löffler, and Sara Cubarsi. 

2017   Exvot II for e-cellist and bow assistant with sheep bells, midi-keyboardist and sound projectionist (18’).

Premiered on 17/10/2017 by Derek Stein, Emi Tamura, David Aguila and Sara Cubarsi, R.O.D Hall (L.A.).   VIDEO

2017   Exvot I for violin, cello, midi-keyboard and sheep bells (13’). 

Premiered on 06/04/2017 by ensemble x.y at St John Smith’s Square lunchtime concert series (London).   AUDIO

2016   Exvot Study, a concert-installation for three performers, interactive film on canvas, water, tiny bells (50’). 

Premiered on 22/11/2016 by ensemble x.y (Elischa Kaminer, Maya Kadish, Sara Cubarsi), R.O.D. Hall (L.A.).

2015   442 Colors for three violins in scordatura.

4 performers:

2023   New work for tromba marina, viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle and electric keyboard (12’). 

Premiere to be announced, funded by the Kunststiftung NRW. 

2016   64 Colors, for string quartet (16').

Premiere: January 31st 2016 by the Euler Quartet, ArtShare (L.A.)  AUDIO

5 performers:

2018   Cadenza for Ligeti’s Violin Concerto for solo violinist, with an improvised section with the scordatura soloists (vln, vla), double bass and an ocarina ​(2’).

Performed on 07/05/2018 by Sara Cubarsi and the Ensemble at CalArts, Wild Beast Concert Hall (Los Angeles).

2016   2050 Colors from Bali, a concert-installation with the CalArts Balinese gamelan, 5 performers, laptop projection. Computer programming by Eric Heep (3 hours).

Premiere: April 6th 2016, CalArts L-Shape Gallery.

2016   64 chords / Ludwig’s Ear, for string quartet, sine waves and white noise, with a 12x8ft interactive painting (60 min.).

Premiere: April 12th 2016 by the Euler Quartet and Luke Martin on laptop, R.O.D. Hall (L.A.). PDF

8 performers:

2015   Intonation Study n. 2 for 8 strings (open, ca. 8')

Premiered on November 22nd 2015 by CalArts performers, Wild Beast Hall (L.A.)

10 performers:

2017   Exvot III: backgrounds for scordatura solo violin, 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos with bells attached to their arms, and re-tuned midi- keyboard (17’). 

Premiered on 11/12/2017 by soloist Violeta Cubarsi, with the CalArts Ensemble, R.O.D. Concert Hall (L.A.).


2016   Concerto for a Painting, for 9 strings, piano and an interactive painting by the composer (18').

Premiere: May 9th 2016 by the CalArts Ensemble, Wild Beast Hall (L.A.). PDF  VIDEO


2015  Microtonal Spiral for a group of string instruments (open score, 12').

Premiered on October 7th 2015 by CalArts performers, R.O.D. Hall (L.A.)

open instruction score for a group of instruments that can play a glissando.


© Sara Cubarsi 2024

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